Vilnis Vitolins could be “the modern artist par excellence, the Cagliostro of modernity. All that the world most needs today, is combined in the most seductive manner in his art, — the three great stimulants of exhausted people: brutality, artificiality and innocence”. Although this is what Nietzsche wrote on Wagner in 1888, the above-mentioned stimulants are present in abundance in Vitolins’ work as well. Such authorities as good taste and decency make him only laugh, as pure visual pleasure is the ultimate goal he tries to achieve. Some kind of strong stimulant is added to all his work, whether it’s a sentimental landscape, a nude or an ironic fantasy. It works, if you are exhausted enough.
/ Alise Tīfentāle. Foto Kvartals magazine, editor-in-chief  /